2020 was not the year we were all hoped for so far! So many of our events were rescheduled or even cancelled. We are so happy to see our community adjusting to a new reality – we learned our lessons and now provide medical masks, hand sanitizers, gloves to each student. In addition to that we are setting individual work stations to make sure everyone can create in a safe mode.Following great success last year, we are excited to offer few public (in person) events. If you are not feeling like participate in a public event we prepared special DIY kits and will be delivering it to your door so you can safely participate in our small online workshops. You will have interactive class with Julia in real time without any health-related concerns!

Fall Floral Design Classes

Saturday 24th October, 2 pm

Pumpkin Decoration Class. This 2.5 hours workshop is a wonderful learning experience for all flower lovers and enthusiasts! We will work with fresh-cut flowers and succulents creating one-of-a-kind pumpkin based centerpieces. Professional photography of all students in action is a great bonus!

Students works

Thursday 29 of October, 5 pm

VIRTUAL Workshop: Pumpkin Decoration. Our DIY kit with the finest supplies selection will be delivered to your door. During this small online class with Julia you will receive all instructions and as a result will create a gorgeous pumpkin based arrangement

Custom design pumpkin arrangement